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Let Lionra help your business grow.

Below are some of the services offered by Lionra Consultants. Why not contact us now to discuss your current challenges or your next project.

IT Management and Strategy

Whether your business is large or small, many of the technology challenges are the same.

  • How can I take better control of my systems?

  • Is on-premise the way forward?

  • Should I move to the cloud?

  • Perhaps Hybrid is the best way to control my costs?

Let Lionra Consultants guide you through the minefield and help you reach your ultimate business solution. Tell us your needs and wishes and our experts will devise the most cost effective way of meeting them.

Cyber Security

Digital social media

All too often the focus of securing your company's data and IT systems is placed at the door of the IT Team. The result of this can therefore be to invest in a technology solution. Unfortunately this is only part of the answer. The reality is that over 90% of all cyber security breaches are the result of some form of human intervention by an employee, either maliciously or otherwise. Lionra Consultants have the ability to equip your employees with the necessary understanding of what different forms of cyber attack look like and provide them with the appropriate process for dealing with them. The effectiveness of this approach is then monitored and measured in order to ensure that the training has been, and continues to be, effective.

The Internet of Things

Mobile Phone

The Internet of Things, or IoT, can be described in it's broadest sense as the enabling of many different devices to connect and communicate to and across the Internet. This could be as simple as connecting a smart watch to your PC or your doorbell to your phone. In business applications, possibilities abound. We offer remote management and monitoring of your Building Management System perhaps or Integration your CCTV, Access Control and Telephony platforms so that all incidents and access requests can be performed from a central (or remote) location.

Lionra Consultants have a wealth of experience in this field and can advise on the most cost effective ways of delivering IoT Solutions

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